Judge Duane Huffer Approves Changes to Oakwood Covenants

The latest court hearing regarding the sale of Oakwood took place mainly in Judge Duane Huffer's chambers Monday afternoon in Warsaw.

Ian Rolland, receiver for Oakwood; his attorney Tom Yoder; Rob Daniels, attorney for the Oakwood Property Owners Association; Mike Reed, attorney for the Town of Syracuse; and a representative from the Indiana Attorney General's office were in conference for about an hour.

The hearing on Rolland's 12th report to the court took approximately five minutes. Huffer stated he reviewed the reports and approved the amended declaration, finalizing the covenants or global agreement between the Parent family who is working to purchase the property and the OPOA.

The next step is to move forward with the purchase assessment agreement and move forward on the closing.

Huffer granted the motions made by Yoder stating, "Let's proceed with a sale."

After the hearing Rolland said there are still many details to be worked out. Closing cannot take place until the Parents are awarded the Community Development Block Grant they recently applied for with the Town of Syracuse. Yoder and Rolland said it is hoped closing will be approved within 30 days after the grant is approved.

Rolland said he is looking at the property closing taking place around Thanksgiving.