Oakwood Interview - Part One: Background

On December 10th, wawascene.com was invited to conduct an exclusive video interview with J.R. Parent, tentative new owner of the Oakwood Property and Jeremiah Heierman, new Property Manager of the Oakwood.  Together they answer our questions about their background, why the Parent's want to purchase the property and their plans for the Inn, Cottages, piers, Conference Center, grounds, restaurant, dredging and more. 

We will also share with you a tour of the property as it exists today, and give you a first look at their new vision for the Oakwood.

Below is Part One of a multi-part interview, which we'll release over the next couple of days.  Please share your  thoughts and comments below.

This multi-part interview made possible by the generous sponsorship of Main Channel Marina.

http://www.oakwoodresort.com is the Oakwood's new website, still a work-in-progress, but a place to express interest.  The Parent Family also requests, for your safety, that interested parties refrain from entering any buildings at this time.  

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Part Two to follow...