Park Foundation Reviews Ongoing Projects

Syracuse Park Foundation reviewed several ongoing projects during its regular monthly meeting Tuesday evening.

Mike Buhrt, chairman of the Syracuse-Wawasee Trail Committee, reported committee member Bob Trame is meeting with Larry Mock about using his equipment and labor for trail maintenance. Committee member Jerry Wright reported the Syracuse Lions is also helping with trail maintenance.

A contract will be signed with Thompson Concrete to complete the Syracuse Lake Trail. Residents along Northshore and Eastshore drives are still being informed about the work being completed this spring.

Marsha Carey, the committee’s grant writer, is working on a grant for the SR 13 section of trail. A presentation is being set up for the March 25 county commissioners meeting in seeking a federal grant. If awarded, the grant will be an 80-20 split and the county commissioners will need assurances from the trail committee it can raise the 20 percent.

The county would have to be the signatory on the grant. Buhrt noted this is a large grant and it would take a few years before it is implemented, giving the trail committee ample time to raise its portion.

Information on the Vawter Park trail section has been collected and is being analyzed. The committee is also working on more detailed plans for trails around the fish hatchery.

Chad Jonsson, park superintendent and executive director of the Syracuse Park Foundation, reported the Harold Shrock Youth Athletic Complex is second on Middlebury Electric’s spring projects list. Middlebury Electric hopes to get the light poles for the complex installed while the ground is still frozen, but needs a few nice days to do the work.

Work is continuing on parking lot improvement as well as completing the walking path around the fields. It is also hoped bleachers will be purchased and set up in the near future.